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La ratatouille recipe

Ratatouille is a well known vegetable stew recipe from Nice, in Provence region, that is truly delicious! The first records of it date back from the late 18th century. The word ‘ratatouille’ is thought to come from the French word 'rata', which was military slang for a quick and easy-to-prepare dish for soldiers. Since, ratatouille has become one of the most popular recipes in France, and even the entire world after our little rat friend Rémi brought it to celebrity! But actually, what Rémi cooks at the end of the movie is what we would call a Tian provencal in France, a slightly more elaborate version of the same dish. Traditional ratatouille is very easy to cook, cheap to prepare, and can be eaten either hot or cold. It is perfect with rice and with meat, particularly lamb.

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Friday, 04 October 2013 22:05

La Pissaladiere recipe

Pissaladière is a pizza-like dish created in the south of France, around Nice, Toulon, Marseille and the Var district. It also is made in the Italian region of Liguria. Many believe that the dish was first brought to the area by Roman cooks around the time of the Avignon Papacy.
There are some stark differences between what we all know as a pizza and Pissaladière. It uses no tomatoes (and thus is called a white pizza), the dough is thicker bread dough and no cheese is used. Toppings are similar to what you can find nowadays on a pizza but they are usually all caramelised to the point of almost being pureed.

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Sunday, 11 August 2013 10:59

La Salade Niçoise Recipe

Niçoise is the French adjective for 'of Nice', regarding the city of Nice in the south of France where it was created. It is also said that it can be attributed to Catherine de' Medici of Florence when she married Henry II of France in 1533. She moved to Paris because of this union and was worried about missing home cooking so she imported a huge team of Italian cooks along with a pastry chef to cook for her. It's said that these people influenced French cooking and especially Salade Niçoise.

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