Welcome to French Cooking, the home of traditional French cuisine.

granny-cooking2Hello everyone!

As a French person, I always get many questions about my country's traditional cuisine:

What are the best classic French recipes?
Where are the best old restaurants in Paris?
Where can I find traditional French cookbooks and cooking accessories? 

So, I have created this page to answer them all!

This place is all about tradition and celebrating the French culinary heritage. I will give you recipes of traditional French cuisine, including the regional recipes from France that deserve to be known outside the country. You'll also find here my favourite old restaurants in Paris and the cookbooks and accessories I like to use.

Hope you enjoy! x


  • La Poire Belle-Hélène recipe La Poire Belle-Hélène recipe

    La Poire Belle-Hélène is a delicious dessert made of pears poached in syrup and covered in liquid chocolate. Sounds tempting? It is a lovely way to end a meal as it is lighter than a pastry dessert, yet full of flavours. It was invented around 1864 by renowned French Chef Auguste Escoffier, and named in reference to an operetta composed at the time by Jacques Offenbach and named La Belle Hélène.


  • Belle Epoque Brasserie Mollard Belle Epoque Brasserie Mollard

    If you want to dine in a Belle Epoque restaurant in Paris, Brasserie Mollard might just be the place you are looking for. Founded in 1867 by Mr and Mrs Mollard, the Brasserie Mollard is one of the best Art Nouveau restaurants in Paris. The brasserie's location has contributed significantly to its success, particularly in the 19th century: located a couple of minutes away from the Saint Lazare train station, an area which used to be quite rural and under-developed, the brasserie benefited from the fast period of the Industrial Revolution and the development of railway stations. Soon the Saint-Lazare area became very popular and many came to establish their business in the neighbourhood. With the money earned from the restaurant's success, Mr Mollard decided to invest in the decoration of the place, making it one of the most typical Belle Epoque brasseries in Paris.


  • I know how to cook! I know how to cook!

    This is another foundational French cookbook. Although its first edition was released in 1932, Ginette Mathiot's I know how to cook ('Je sais cuisiner') is still referred to as the bible of French cooking. 5 million copies sit on kitchen shelves in France and across the world. My grand-mother used to have it, my mum has it. For many years, this has been the gift made by mums to their daughters leaving their parents' home to start a life of their own.